To get to the Showcase you must E-mail a request to me directly but first you must know a few things:

1. If you are looking for Porn you will not find it here! This site is here to acknowledge and appreciate the extraordinary people that Redheads are.

2. Most of these pictures were submitted by visitors to my website or taken by myself, and no I will NOT give you any information other than what I have provided in the descriptions! so don't ask.

3. There may, I repeat, MAY be nudity in some of these graphics but I have kept it(in my opinion) tasteful or "ars gratia artis". So if you are "Grossed out" by the most beautiful form nature has created, I think YOU have a problem...go somewhere else!

4. Augmented or enhanced breasts are as fake as the airheads that have them. Despite what most women with severe self esteem problems think, they make me and 95% of the NORMAL men on this planet want to puke...women who have them WILL NOT be seen on this site...EVER.

5. This site is free (donations are VERY appreciated) and without POP-UPS of any kind. I am EXTREMELY critical and demanding! Any links you see that go to a commercial site are only there because 1. I use them MYSELF 2. I have NO complaints or issues with them 3. I strongly feel they will be of great benefit to my visitors. (example: Comet cursors WERE used on this site but then they started installing spyware on peoples machines - so they are GONE!)

6. This website (to clarify) showcases true redheads of the "Nordic" variety, which is to say they ALL have very fair skin(white) and very possibly freckles(no tan). If you think there is something wrong with that, or you think I am some sort of racist, I could give a rip!...stop your friggin' whining and click on this link []

7. If you want to see the Showcase you MUST E-mail me at and request admittance, (a little about yourself would be nice too), "Dude...let me in!" or "Send me some pics" (I don't SEND pics) will be immediately trashed! but, a letter(and maybe even a picture of yourself) will be prioritized!

8. I do not give ANY information about visitors to my website to ANYONE nor do I give out the E-mail addresses of anyone who writes me to anyone, so don't worry about that.

9. You must be at least Eighteen(18) years of age (see number 3 above).





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